Monthly Horticulture Suggestions

Order material for all Fall planting. Fertilize lawn with 8-8-8. Water, and a week later, sow rye grass. Prepare new rose beds. Divide and reset perennials.

Spray camellias and remove inside surplus growth. Plant roses and Spring bulbs. Plant pansies.

Mulch azaleas and other plants. Cut willowy tops of roses. Plan Christmas decorations and make a Christmas for the birds.

Transplant dogwood. Brighten home with forced shrubs (fruit, branches, pussy willow, japonicas, etc.) Begin spay program.

Continue spray program and dogwood planting. Prune, spray with lime sulphate, clean up old mulch, and FRESHLY mulch rose beds. Fertilize azaleas and camellias BEFORE they bloom.

Finish dogwood planting. Spray gardenias for white fly. Fertilize camellias on top of mulch with cotton seed meal. Feed lawn with 5-10-5.

Do not set out greenhouse bedding plants until the ground is warm, not until after April 15th. Divide and reset chrysanthemums or better yet, root new cuttings to eliminate leaf-browning blight. Fertilize flowering bulbs. Prepare beds for annuals. Fertilize azaleas AFTER BLOOMING.

Plant summer flowering bulbs. Separate and transplant Iris AFTER BLOOMING. Fertilize lawn. Spray roses once a week and fertilize once a month. Mulch and water gardenias, camellias and azaleas.

Remove dead flowers and seed pods. Keep petunias cut back all summer. Water petunias and other annuals bimonthly with liquid fertilizer for prime flowers. WORK! WATER!